Merchandising Services


Interior merchandising is not the same as residential design.  At GMJ Interior Design we know that merchandising is about our clients’ product, home or rental units.  Our goal is to turn prospective buyers into homeowners and tenants, not showcase our services.

Whenever we are using existing items, we charge by the hour and are therefore available for all levels of service at the discretion of our client. 

If requesting purchases of new furnishings and accessories, we work within a set budget always giving a look that far exceeds expectations. 




GMJ Interior Design merchandises apartment models by either starting with a blank slate or working with our client’s existing items to freshen and update their models.  A new look can be obtained just by redesigning with what is already there, whether using just what is in a single model or switching items between models.




GMJ Interior Design offers unique staging services, as we just work with what the homeowner already owns. This provides our clients a cost effective service which gets their home on the market quicker. We never try to upsell with pricey rental items or purchases, unless specifically requested by our clients.




Everyone wants their home to look beautiful, but may not have the budget to re-decorate from scratch. We work with what you currently own and give your home a fresh new look.