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In-Person Design Service



The most affordable decorating service where we do the work for you.


A specialized design service that takes the fear out of decorating because we place your existing furnishings, artwork, lighting, and accessories in the best and proper way to transform your room.


A one-day transform using just what you own where you’ll have a new look by the time you come home.

This service is for you if;

  • You’re looking for a new look without having to make any purchases.
  • Your room layout has never felt right or worked.
  • You’ve moved into a new home and have no idea where to place your furniture, lighting, artwork, and accessories.


Design Fee

Design time is billed at $ 250.00 per hour for up to, two design experts with a minimum of two hours.


Additional fees will apply for heavy items that require additional assistance.

Additional fees will apply if you’ll be staying home and want to be part of the process. Historically we found that it’s a quicker and smoother process when our clients are not home.


If you’re not in the Las Vegas area, consider our Furniture Floorplan service.

Let’s Get Started !

Let’s Chat


Give us a call or drop us an email with your phone number.


  • We’ll get together on a call and talk about your decorating project, challenges, and advice you’re needing.
  • We’ll review our Interior Redesign service as well as the other services we offer and decide which one is best for you.
  • Our initial phone call is for information gathering only, design ideas and advice are provided during our scheduled appointment.

Guarantee Your Appointment


With our scheduled date and time set, we’ll send you an invoice to guarantee your interior redesign appointment.

What’s Next


You’ll receive an information package, which will;


  • Provide directions on how to take pictures.
  • Once we receive the pictures, we’ll provide you with a quote to redesign your rooms.
  • Walk you through the redesign process.

Time For Us To Get Started


We show up on your appointment date, ready to redesign your room. You go out and enjoy your day.

The Reveal


We call you when we’re done to come home, and you’ll be in awe of your completely transformed room.



Ready to get started with your project?