Growing up, Gail spent many hours with her beloved grandmother. She’ll forever have those special memories of enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of budikabotna, German pound cake, while watching Merv Griffin.

She always enjoyed spending time with seniors.  So when her mother moved into an assisted living community, she spent many hours there getting to know her friends.   Her mother worked until she was 84 years old and wasn’t interested in crafts, she wanted to be useful in some way. 

Gail is also a supporter of animal rescues and shelters.  

So how do these two things relate? 

They’ve been brought together by Seniors To The Rescue.  When you hire Gail, 10% of her design time fees go to help fund programs for Seniors To The Rescue.

Seniors To The Rescue spends time with older adults in assisted living communities by doing projects together which support animal rescues and shelters. By engaging older adults in community work, it enhances their physical and mental health, giving them a sense of control, purpose, self-confidence, and empowerment. From projects and donations raised through Seniors To The Rescue, more animals are helped and every older adult involved knows that they have made a difference.