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What is a Room Refresh?


An online service where you just want to update your decor’ and not looking for a full design.


Pulls your rooms together with a fresh new look with artwork, lighting, area rugs, accessories, and accent selections.


We do the shopping for you online, so you don’t have to search for those perfect pieces to complete your rooms.

This service is for you if;

  • You know what foundation pieces you want to keep but don’t know where to start in deciding what else you can keep and what to buy new.
  • You’ve always wanted to have your artwork and accessories make a statement and bring your room together.
  • You want a new look without starting over or spending more than you need to as we work within your budget.
  • You don’t have time for or like shopping.


What you’ll receive:

  • A Pinterest board where we can collaborate together
  • A design board with up to 20 individual pieces selected specifically for you. The pieces would include artwork, lighting, area rugs, accessories, and small accent pieces.
  • One revision to refine options as needed.
  • Interior design notes and setup instructions, showing where your new items are to be placed.
  • Shopping list with links to products.
  • Thirty minutes for questions, within one week after your project has been delivered.

Design Fee

1 room starting at $ 425.00

Open concepts are subject to additional fees.


Additional Service we offer:


Room renderings – Lets you see what your room will like in 3D. As renderings required 3D models of items, stock images will be used for any of your current items you’ll be keeping, and/or if 3D models are not available for the new pieces selected. All pieces will have the fabrics, patterns, images, and colors used in the design if possible.


Design Fee – $ 385.00 for 6 room views

There are no revisions to renderings.

Let’s Get Started !

Let’s Chat


Give us a call or drop us an email with your phone number.


  • We’ll get together on a call and talk about your decorating project, challenges, and advice you’re needing.
  • We’ll review our Room Refresh service as well as the other services we offer and decide which one is best for you.
  • Our initial phone call is for information gathering only, design ideas and advice are provided with your final design.

To Start Your Project


We’ll send you an invoice to provide payment.

What’s Next


You’ll receive a checklist of what is needed and detailed directions on how to photograph and measure the room.


  • Once we receive your information, we’ll let you know when your room refresh will be ready.

Time To Dress It Up


We’ll email your completed project with your design board, shopping list, and design notes.


Ready to get started with your project?


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