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What is a Room Review?


A Online Service where you’ll receive an impressive array of design ideas, tips, and advice focusing on your specific decorating project.


It’s a way to save you time, money, and those costly mistakes by getting expert advice before starting a project.

This service is for you if;

  • You’re overwhelmed on where to start and need a plan to stay on the right track to finish.
  • You’re just needing some guidance and recommendations, so you’ll feel comfortable in the selections and purchases you make before starting your decorating project.
  • You have hundreds of Pinterest pictures and don’t know how to pull them together to make sure your home uniquely yours.
  • You like to do the work yourself and want to be confident that the choices you’re making will give you the desired outcome you’re looking for.
  • You don’t have the time for an in-person appointment.


Some design advice we provide you with a Room Review are:

  • Advice on any decorating challenge you have
  • Suggestions of general paint colors and placement
  • Suggestions on furniture, artwork and accessory placement
  • Styling tips and ideas


You’ll receive:

  • A detailed list providing suggestions and ideas answering your specific decorating questions.
  • Your photographs numbered referencing back to our suggestions.
  • A Pinterest board with general pictures to help you visualize the type of items to look for.

Design Fee

1 Room – Starting at $ 300.00 to provide up to 10 design ideas, guidance, recommendations, and direction to design your room.

Each additional room – Starting at $ 250.00 per room


You tell us what your specific challenges are, and those will be the things we’ll specifically work on.


If you are looking for specific items you can purchase and within your budget, we can customize this service for you.  Just contact us and we’ll schedule a call.


There are no revisions to this service.

Let’s Get Started !

Let’s Chat


Give us a call or drop us an email with your phone number.


      • We’ll get together on a call and talk about your decorating project, challenges, and advice you’re needing.
      • We’ll review our Room Review service as well as the other services we offer and decide which one is best for you.
      • Our initial phone call is for information gathering only, design ideas and advice are provided with your final design.

To Start Your Project


We’ll send you an invoice to provide payment.

What’s Next


You’ll receive a checklist of what is needed and detailed directions on how to photograph and measure the room.


      • Once we receive all your information, we’ll let you know when your room review will be ready.

Here Are Our Suggestions


We’ll email your completed project with a list of our suggestions, with the locations marked on your picture. You’ll also receive a private Pinterest board with general pictures to help you visualize the type of items to look for.



Ready to get started with your project?