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How to Harmonize While Decorating as Newlyweds

How to Harmonize While Decorating as Newlyweds


When you join two people (and their households), it can be challenging to stick to a decorating scheme. Purchasing new items for your shared home can also get expensive. But there are ways to harmonize, both in terms of saving money and agreeing on design elements.

Live in a Blank Canvas First

It’s ironic that the top complaint during newlywed quarrels revolves around clutter, as reported by The Knot. Of course, it’s also understandable. You’re merging two households and probably a lot of stuff. Clearly, you will likely need to pare things down—on both sides—to enjoy wedded bliss.

But with the whirlwind of engagement, wedding planning, and the all-important nuptials, you probably won’t have much energy for decorating at first. And that’s actually a good thing. Knowing your space—as well as your spouse’s style—is crucial for decking your home out in décor you’ll love.

Spend some time thinking about your home while you live in it. Notice the lighting, the areas you gravitate toward, and which parts of the house you want to highlight. For example, there’s no point in covering windows with thick drapes if you prefer light streaming through.

Similarly, you shouldn’t buy items just to fill the space—take the time to determine what each room needs and how to decorate without overwhelming what’s already there. This also allows you and your partner to settle in as spouses before going head-to-head on home decorating. The initial stage of decorating can seem daunting, so consider working with an interior designer to help make your space look exactly the way you and your spouse want.

Shop Smart (Together)

Home décor stores like Crate & Barrel have so many items for your house, you and your partner are bound to agree on at least a few pieces. From housewares to furniture and accessories, you can stuff a house full of products from this place alone. To help save while sourcing home products you love, look for promo codes and coupons before you head out to shop.

In addition to furniture, think about how you want your walls to look. For a quick and easy refresh, look into temporary wallpaper. Online retailers like Spoonflower offer a variety of styles to choose from, so you won’t have to worry about not finding one that you both like. You can even get custom wallpaper designed just for you. To make sure you’re both in agreement, order samples and test swatches to see how different designs fit into your home and take some time to talk them out.

Bring Opinions to the Table

As most married couples find out early on, there’s no worse opinion than no opinion. Knowing what you want—and speaking up—is essential in any relationship, but especially marriage. Psychology Today says that if you want your relationship to flourish, open discussion is vital.

Even when it comes to small matters like paint colors, prepare to have an opinion. Think about your style and what elements are must-haves for your home. Then compare notes with your partner.

Prepare to Compromise

Relationships are all about healthy compromise, from working out how to argue without hurting feelings to deciding on the frequency and type of intimacy you have or agreeing on how to manage your finances. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that the same principle applies to decorating. Neither spouse should trample over their partner’s perspective, but there will be some give and take.

The good news is that many stylistic elements are just as compatible as you and your live-in love. Keeping with a limited color palette or pattern and matching wood types are just a couple of ways The Spruce suggests to blend styles.

For example, if your partner loves wood accents and you’re passionate about patterns, consider a rich wood dining set with plaid seat cushions. Even modern and more rustic tastes can come together to make a functional and relaxing space for you both to enjoy. Choosing a home décor theme or design style is another option. Agreeing on a theme that’s new to both of you can be exciting and adventurous.

In fact, a blended theme that takes the best of both your styles might be just what you need. Both in terms of keeping your new marriage and your style fresh, agreeing to try something daring could enhance your lives and décor.


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